Falls ihr The 100 noch nicht gesehen habt , GUCKT ES EUCH UNBEDINGT AN XD *-* Byeeeee go ahead and add it! See more ideas about The 100, Bellarke, The 100 cast. Watch this Bellamy & Clarke (The 100) video, The Hunger Games Trailer , on Fanpop and browse other Bellamy & Clarke (The 100) videos. Attention, si tu n'as pas la moyenne, on laisse les Grounders te mettre une dérouillée. See more ideas about The 100, Bellarke, The 100 show. The 100 Quiz - 15 Fragen - von Bellarke - Entwickelt am 05.12.2015 - 7.347 Aufrufe Ofc — — — #the100 #thecw #thehundred…” Lily R Bellarke. i am not really trained for that. Monty. The 100 Bellarke VS Clexa? First of all, they have been together since the beginning. This is a domanda that a lot of 100 fan have struggled with recently. inactiveish on Instagram: “[The 100 - 6x04] This was so cuteee — Do you ship bellarke? Showing bellamy & clarke (the 100) quiz questions (1-76 of 76) « Previous ... Charlotte says she can't let anyone get hurt anymore because of her before she turns around & jumps off the cliff to Bellarke's screams of protest. Ich bin zu 30% Clarke , Raven und Octavia , suuper XD Aber von den Jungs ist ganz klar Bellamy mein Favorit XD *-* Ich werde für immer Bellarke shippen XD XD #BELLARKEEEEEEE P.S. Quiz similaires. Quiz Clexa ou Bellarke : Tes réponses sur l'univers de 'The 100' montreront si tu es plus Clexa ou Bellarke ! Trending. Your life in "The 100" including your love life, background story, family, friends, enemies and more. The books are great – and might just give you what you need, if you feel like the show is lacking a certain Bellarke je ne sais quoi. Les fans de Bellarke ont adoré la fin de l'épisode 10 de la saison 6 de The 100. Lexa. Click this quiz to find out! Jasper. Alors ce quiz est fait pour vous ! But how do you think he really feels about her? Seguro que Clarke y compañía no lo van a tener fácil en los nuevos episodios de esta aventura y nosostros vamos a sufrir con ellos… aunque no tanto como si nos viésemos en su pellejo. La notizia di uno spin off prequel di The 100 è stata diffusa da Variety, che spiega la scelta fatta da The CW.Il network è quindi al lavoro sulla produzione di un backdoor pilot della serie, che dovrà poi essere approvato. Gli autori non hanno mai regalato la gioia ai fan di vedere Bellamy e Clarke insieme. The ice nation . Jul 15, 2020 - Explore Yael's board "Clarke the 100" on Pinterest. Octavia. Added by sarabeara. Maya. 8:43. The 100 . Solamente dopo questo via libera, la serie spin off di The 100 potrà partire.. TV The 100 Bellarke Bellamy Blake Clarke Griffin Eliza Taylor ... Bob Morley Octavia Blake Monty Green Jasper Jordon Finn Collins I hope you like my awesome new quiz about your life in the hit cw show -the 100! EPISODE DESCRIPTION: Clarke wonders if they can wish on the flares as a shooting star. Are you deeply a Bellarke fan? BOY. Play The 100 quizzes on Sporcle, the world's largest quiz community. ... 100 Tales of Bellarke 21,722 views. GIRL. Sono tantissimi infatti quelli che non vedono l’ora che questi due personaggi si mettano insieme, ma tutto sembra remare contro. who do you like the most? Bellarke o Clexa? Bellarke (aka Clarke and Bellamy) didn't make things official in The 100 Season 5, but here are 7 times they should have (and could have)! Or do you truly ship Clexa? Bellamy. Bellarke all the way! I Bellarke saranno l’endgame di The 100? Raven. Popular Quizzes Today. Sky people. Fantests-» TV und Serien Quizze-» The 100. I thinks so but i am not really sure. The Clexa ship has sunk, ( due to the lack of Lexa), but Fans still battle over these two relationships. Cw the 100 quiz Stats. - Read the results on this poll and other 100 (TV Show) polls Grounder. - Q1: Avec quel personnage préfères-tu survivre ?