A weak ruler, he was dominated at various times by his chamberlain, his wife, his mother, and especially his uncle Charles I of Anjou, king of the Two Sicilies. Updates? Fils de Saint Louis et de Marguerite de Provence, Philippe III le Hardi a le malheur de succéder à un roi prestigieux et d'être finalement mal connu. It goes through the wife of the 1st Pardon Tillinghast, the beer barrel maker,[cooper if you will]. Issue: ANN COPLEY; -M- WILLIAM LUSHER, Lord of Rodsell Manor. In 1284, Philip and his sons entered Roussillon at the head of a large army. Par son mariage avec Marguerite de Flandre (1369), il acquiert le comté de Flandre à la mort de Louis de M Né le 1er mai 1245 – Roi le 25 août 1270 – Sacré le 15 août 1271 – Mort le 5 octobre 1285. Philippe III le Hardi : Né en 1245 - Mort en 1285 - ( Roi en 1270 ) Capétien, (capétien direct). He was pious, but not cultivated. In accordance with Alfonso's wishes, the Comtat Venaissin was granted to the Pope Gregory X in 1274. Aux éditions Fayard, il a écrit Blanche de Castille (Fayard, 1990), Louis VIII (1995), Marguerite de Provence. He was a member of the House of Capet. Accompanying his father's crusade against Tunis in 1270, he was in Africa when Louis IX died. He succeeded his father in 1270 as PHILIPPE III "le Hardi" King of France. He died of fever on the way home. Philip, the second son of Louis IX of France (Saint Louis), became heir to the throne on the death of his elder brother Louis (1260). A member of the Capetian dynasty, he was born in Poissy, the son of Louis IX of France and of Marguerite Berenger of Provence (1221 - 1295). BIOGRAPHY: b. April 30, 1245, Poissy, Fr. The resistance was strong, but the city was taken on 7 September. Philip was less successful militarily. Birth of Philippe IV le Bel, roi de France, Birth of Charles of France, Count of Valois. Une reine au temps des cathédrales (Fayard, 1987), et Philippe III le Hardi (Fayard, 2003). Philip soon experienced a reversal, however, as the French camp was hit hard by an epidemic of dysentery. Philip all the while supported his uncle's policy in Italy. Philip was indecisive, soft in nature, timid, and apparently crushed by the strong personalities of his parents and dominated by his father's policies. Blanca (1278 – 19 March 1305, Vienna), married Rudolf III of Austria on 25 May 1300. After the death of Isabella, he married on August 21, 1274, MARIE de Brabant, daughter of 1276 - May 19, 1319) (married: Marguerite d' Artois), BLANCHE - (1278 - March 19, 1305) (married: Rudolph III, duke of Austria), MARGUERITE - (1282 - February 14, 1317) (married: Edward I of England). He was married on May 28, 1262 in Clermont-en-Auvergne, Puy-de-Dome, Franc to Isabel de Aragón, they gave birth to 1 child. GEORGE LUSHER, Gentleman, -M- Alice...........Issue: ANNE LUSHER; -M- Sir RICHARD LECHFORD,Knight, of Shellwood Manor in Leigh, Surrey County. Philip III, King of France, was born April 3, 1245, died Oct. 5, 1285. At the age of twenty-five he ascended to the throne. Une reine au temps des cathédrales (Fayard, 1987), et Philippe III le Hardi (Fayard, 2003). 1301-1338 -M- ALICE. Father of Louis de France; Philippe IV le Bel, roi de France; Robert de France; Charles of France, Count of Valois; N.N. Husband of Isabel Capet, queen consort of France and Marie Capet, queen consort of France Issue: SARAH LECHFORD, -M- Rev. Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 2002. Philip continued his father's highly successful administration by keeping in office his able and experienced household clerks. C'est le fils de Louis IX, plus connu sous le nom de Saint Louis, et de Marguerite de Provence.A la mort de son frère Louis en 1260, Philippe devient héritier du trône. Marguerite (1282 – February 14, 1317), married Edward I of England, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Death: 5 OCT 1285 in Perpignan Burial: Saint Denis Basilica, Occupation: BET 1270 AND 1285 King of France. A member of the House of Capet, he was born in Poissy, the son of Louis IX of France and of Marguerite of Provence. He was anointed king at Reims in 1271. / Kg. He followed the dictates of others, first of Pierre de la Broce and then of his uncle Charles I of Sicily. Dante does not name Philip directly, but refers to him as "the small-nosed" and "the father of the Pest of France.". La consternation était générale ; et sans larrivée si longtemps attendue des croisés de Sicile, tout était perdu. This page was last modified on 3 July 2010 at 01:35. Philippe III le Hardi (1245 - 1285) Philippe III le Hardi Malgré son surnom, Philippe III le Hardi, né à Poissy dans la nuit du 30 avril au 1er mai 1245, fait apparemment piètre figure entre les deux rois qui l'encadrent, Louis IX et Philippe le Bel.

philippe iii le hardi

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